Photograph of Elaine Schaertl Short

Elaine Schaertl Short

Postdoctoral Fellow
Socially Intelligent Machines (SIM) Lab
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Texas at Austin

Research Interests

My research goal is to develop algorithms and models that enable social robots to appropriately serve human needs in open-ended real-world environments.

Photograph of Elaine with Poli, a tall, grey, friendly-looking robot

Mobile Service Robots

This work develops algorithms and models that enable a mobile service robot to integrate into the social environment of a building and serve as a productive and valued member of the building community.

Photograph of Elaine pretending to be a robot in a group of robots

Robots in Groups

This research focuses on understanding how robots can model and participate in multi-party interactions, especially with heterogenous groups (such as families) in open-ended interactions.

Photograph of Elaine holding a small grey and white robot.

Robots for Kids

This research develops algorithms and models that address the unique needs of children in human-robot interactions.


Elaine Short completed her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Maja Matarić in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Southern California (USC) in 2017. She received her MS in Computer Science from USC in 2012 and her BS in Computer Science from Yale University in 2010. Elaine is a recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, USC Provost’s Fellowship, and a Google Anita Borg Scholarship. At USC, she has been recognized for excellence in research, teaching, and service: she was awarded the Viterbi School of Engineering Merit Award, the Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Merit Award for Current Doctoral Students, the Best Research Assistant Award, Best Teaching Assistant Award, and Service Award from the Department of Computer Science, the Viterbi School of Engineering Undergraduate Research Mentoring Award, and was recognized with the Order of Areté, a university-wide award given to graduates who show excellence in leadership, scholarship, and service during their time at USC. At Yale she was the recipient of the Saybrook College Mary Casner Prize. Her research focuses on the use of social robots to serve the needs of human users in open-ended, real-world interactions, especially groups of people and individuals with disabilities.


Email is best.

Elaine Schaertl Short
c/o ECE Department
2501 Speedway
EER 6.804, C0806
Austin, TX 78712